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    We are approaching the winter months and perhaps your skin is already affected by the wind and rain of the autumn. The skin is easily affected by weather change and relative to the rest of the body the facial skin is very exposed. People often feel that the skin dries, blushes and feels tight. Thus …

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  • Guide: How to get the perfect shave

    It happens to most men: Just as you have finished shaving, the red bumps appear! Fear not: Barber and hair dresser David Posin will now give you the ultimate guide on how to get the perfect shave. So why do the red bumps appear on your skin after shaving? The reason if very simple; your …

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  • Guide: How to avoid dry skin

    Autumn is near and that means extra focus on skincare. When the weather gets cold the humidity decreases, indoors and outdoors. This often results in dry skin if one is not careful. Here are some tips on how to stay hydrated and moisturised when autumn (and winter) arrives:   Dry skin often occur on the …

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