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Developed for the Modern Man

Made in Denmark

Natural Ingredients



SIGR was founded in 2015 with the ambition to create a Danish skincare brand that address the modern man. Both production and development takes place in Denmark and we test our products thoroughly. The team behind SIGR is passionate about natural and luxurious skincare for men.

Natural ingredients

Nature is the main source of inspiration at SIGR. Our research and tests show that we can create the most effective products using natural oils and extracts. That is why all of our products are based on what nature can offer.

Our products contain natural ingredients such as camomile, almond oil, wheat, olive oil, marigold, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin B3 and B5, shea butter and Aloe Vera. These are the ingredients that ensure that the customer knows what is in the product. The combination of natural ingredients create a scent that can be hard to control. That is why we have added a mild perfume to some of our products to ensure a pleasant coherence in fragrance.

Environmental awareness

Our goal at SIGR is to be as green and environmentally sustainable as possible. We have focussed on minimizing CO2 emissions by avoiding chemicals in our products and creating a sustainable production.
We want SIGR to become an organic brand, but as our natural ingredients grow in the wild it is still a work in progress.

By avoiding harmful chemicals in our products, we ensure a powerful and uncompromising product adapted to the skin problems men usually suffer.


When we grow old we get more wrinkles as the elasticity of the skin deteriorates. At SIGR, we believe that the aging process adds character and appeal to men. We do not promise fewer wrinkles, but we believe that the best way to restore and keep the skin’s elasticity is by keeping your skin fresh and well-nourished. By adding vital vitamins to the skin, moisturizing, and making skincare a part of your daily routine, you can actively keep your skin smooth.